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No more hassle or headaches at airports lugging surfboards, dealing with airline dings, serious damage and lost boards for which compensation is unlikely to happen.

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Leaving the Boat Ramp and starting the Wailua River
Wailua River Kayak Rentals
Best Kayak rental service on Kauai! We are happy to rent Kayaks for self guided Wailua River tours. Rent a double kayak for 2 people or a single kayak for 1. Enjoy a nice cruise along the historic and scenic Wailua river. Paddle to the Secret Falls trail head, Fern Grotto, and then jump off […]
Geographical response Kauai: “Epic Dilemmas: Bring A Surfboard Traveling or Find One There”
This past Friday Will Sileo had an article “Epic Dilemmas: Bring A Surfboard Traveling or Find One There?” featured on The Inertia. https://www.theinertia.com/surf/epic-dilemmas-bring-a-surfboard-traveling-or-find-one-there/ Will’s article was very well done and a great reference for any surfer who will be traveling with the hope to catch a few good waves. The article breaks down the author’s […]

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