Our goal has always been promoting the Aloha spirit, superior customer service, quality equipment, sustainability, and being cost effective our valued customers. Many people save thousands of dollars to experience a once in a lifetime Kauai vacation. We want to assist in any way that we can during your vacation.

Aloha Spirit – 

Is the coordination of mind and heart within each person. It brings each person to the self. Each person must think and emote good feelings to others. In the contemplation and presence of the life force

Customer Service – 

No extra charges for swapping boards. Soft top car racks and wax included. Information, suggestions, tips for surfing or things to do around Kauai. Call or text anytime after you have your board(s). We genuinely care about you and your stoke and experience while on vacation!

Quality Equipment –

Surf and SUP Boards

Our quiver is geared towards beginner and intermediate surfers. Although advanced surfers will shred our boards, we do not rent high performance potato chips or guns. Check out the Board page for more information.

Equipment that is rented can sometimes be well used, mistreated, or neglected. The boards we purchase are well built and well cared for. When we purchase a board our thought process is

1: How will it work in Kauai Surf

2: Condition

3: Durability

We clean our boards between rentals. Remove old wax and put on a new base coat. Patch our own dings with quality material – the right way (no stickers or duct tape here).

Don’t have what you are looking for? Call inventory changes or we can help point you to the right place

Sustainability – We are constantly looking for ways to improve as a sustainable company. Asking ourselves “why” helps us to continue to find better ways to do business while having less of an impact on the environment.

Volunteerism: As a company we volunteer our time at various beach, park, and roadway cleanups.

Support and utilize local products: As an island in the Pacific sending and receiving material takes a large toll on the environment. Our goal is to use products manufactured on Kauai or in the state of Hawaii. As we grow our goal is to add more locally made surfboards and SUPs.

Wax: We offer Hawaii made eco surf wax options along with petroleum-based wax that is locally purchased.

Luggage: Leave your board at home and rent on island. Packing less and bringing the essentials that you need can not only save you some extra money, but it can also help reduce the emissions of your flight. According to Alternative Airlines “if everyone aimed to pack 2lbs (0.9kg) less than normal, it would be equivalent to removing over 10,000 cars from the road annually!” Another option would be to have a local shaper make a board for you to pick up when you arrive. Plan ahead of time in order to have the board ready upon your arrival. Feel free to contact us for information on Kauai based board builders.

Transportation: If you are not planning on renting a car use our delivery option. This will allow you to walk or bike to your surf break without adding a need to rent a vehicle while on vacation (note Kauai does have bus service, Uber, Lyft, and Taxis that operate on the island).

Why rent a Wave storm when you can buy one at Costco?

This is a great question and often happens while on an extended vacation. Costco is the number one company in the world for surfboard sales. A new Wave storm cost roughly $150 (plus tax). These boards eventually end up in our landfills. You may be able to give it to some one on the island after your stay however the supply of soft top boards like the Wave storm outweigh the demand on island. For this reason, we will never charge the cost of a new board for a rental. If you are going to be on vacation for 2 months and want a Wave storm you got it and you will pay less than the cost of the new board.

Cost Effective –

Kauai is expensive! Tell me about it… Our goal is to provide a great product and service at a fair and competitive price.

How We Operate –

We aim to keep it simple, flexible, and keeping your valuable on island time a priority.

Give us a call or text anytime. I always encourage people to call or even text before renting a board. Find out about board availability, conditions, or schedule your rental. Boards are reserved on a first come first served basis.

Address: 4-356 Kuhio Highway #111, Kapa'a HI 96746