Rental FAQ

Where is the Shop located?

Our shop is located at the Kinipopo Shopping Village. The address is 04-356 Kuhio Highway #111, Kapaa, HI 96746

Where do I store my boards?

We prefer that you secure equipment in a lockable area. Most Kauai hotels allow for board or room storage. Some hotels even have safe areas for storing boards. Please be sure to confirm with hotel or resort staff. We caution against leaving boards on roofs of cars overnight to prevent theft.

How do I know which board to choose?

Choosing the perfect board is essential to having a fun, successful surfing experience. We offer an array of boards that have been uniquely selected from our extensive experience. If you are a beginner and unsure what board to select, please email or call us at (808) 634-6982 and we will gladly help!

How do I transport my board and do you provide rental racks?

Most cars can fit shortboards inside, and many even accommodate long boards. SUP boards can be strapped to almost any kind of rental car. Whatever your preference, surf racks with straps are available at no extra cost. Instruction will be provided on how to use them at delivery.

Is booking my surfboard rental ahead of time necessary?

We work on a first come, first serve basis. Booking ahead of time is recommended, especially during peak seasons.

How is payment for my surfboard processed?

When booking your reservation we require a minimum $50 security deposit. The remaining balance of your rental will be charged after delivery.

What happens if my board gets damaged or lost?

Dings and cosmetic issues happen. We do request immediate contact if a board is actually damaged so we can assess and prevent further damage from water leakage into the board. If a board were to get cracked or gouged, we will replace the board for the remainder of your vacation. However, we will require you to cover the cost of the repair (average ding repair $50-200) or replacement if board cannot be repaired.

More Questions? Lessons? Where to go or how to… well anything?

We are always here to help. No matter what just ask. Come by the shop grab a surf book at our complimentary shop library. Talk story, land and ocean lessons – no worries and no problems.

Address: 4-356 Kuhio Highway #111, Kapa'a HI 96746