Kayak Rental – Wailua River Self Guided Secret Falls Adventure

We offer single person, tandem, and 2 adults 1 child triple kayaks for self-guided tours on the Wailua River. Our shop is conveniently located inside Kinipopo Shopping Village on the North side of the river from our door to the boat ramp is 0.5 mile.

We are open from 8am to 6pm. We do not schedule pickup times or charge late fees for the standard rental. Standard rentals come with life jackets, dry bags, coolers with ice packs, walking sticks, and a personal detailed briefing of the River. You get the kayaks anytime you like during our business hours. No late fees and no scheduled pickup time.

Kayak Rental: Single Kayak $75 Tandem/Triple $150 plus HI tax

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BOOK ONLINE, PHONE, EMAIL, OR TEXT – scottyssurfco@gmail.com – 808.346.1304

Common Questions

Q: How do we get the Kayak to the boat ramp?

We can load the kayak(s) onto your vehicle for you. If your vehicle does not have racks, no problem! We use 4inch EVA Foam blocks so the kayaks do not touch your roof. We can load onto soft top roofs as well (convertible sedans and Jeeps). Smaller cars max out at 2 kayaks larger vehicles can handle up to 5 kayaks depending on size and weight.

If you prefer we also have kayak carts that making walking the kayaks along the bike path to the boat ramp a nice option. 8-10 minute walk pulling the kayak on wheels.

Q: Do you rent on the weekends?

Yes, we are open on Saturday and Sundays. You are able to rent a kayak and paddle the Wailua River.

Q: How long does the trip take?

Minimum 4-6 hours. The North Fork of Wailua River leads to the water fall hike (1.2 mile hike). There is a South Fork that features the Fern Grotto and a Swimming hole (rock jump opportunity). Timing can depend on paddling ability and how long you wish to stay at each attraction.

Q: What shoes should we hike in?

If you have any knee, hip, or ankle instability hiking boots are recommended. If you do not have any injuries water shoes or slippers with a back strap work very well. Standard slippers tend to blow out of get lost in the water. Many locals do the hike barefoot.

Q: What else should we bring?

Lots of water! You can easily spend all day out there. Pack a lunch, use our coolers and enjoy your day on the water without running out of energy. Sunscreen and hats are great, you will be exposed to the sun while on the water. Depending on the weather conditions a light jacket or long sleeved shirt if sensitive to cold.

Q: What are the typical river conditions?

Typical conditions on the Wailua River are similar to lake kayaking conditions. We do not have a strong current on the river. We monitor wind and rain. Trade winds blow up the river, most days you have the wind at your back on the paddle up and a head wind on your paddle back. The only reason we will cancel a kayak booking is if the rain is extremely heavy and the river crossing section of the hike is too high to safely cross (typically crossing is knee high on an average adult).

Address: 4-356 Kuhio Highway, Kapa'a HI 96746


Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your booking by 8AM on the day of your reservation you

will receive a full refund. After 8AM on the day of your reservation, we will try our best to

rent out the kayak(s) you reserved; however, if we are unable to rent out the kayak(s) you will be charged for the kayak(s) you reserved.

Please email, text, or call us with booking/reservation questions.

Reservations are recommended, especially for the weekends. We are a small, locally owned,and operated shop trying to accommodate your needs as best we can.